Hello again.  Hopefully by now, you are used to checking this site for the THURSDAY strip.  If not, I’ll see you next Monday, I guess.  Put it on your Iphone calendar though, kay?

This strip has a history.  My second or third OUTNUMBERED comic strip I created was about Mark accidently seeing Megan (just coming out of the shower, running from the bathroom to her room) in a thong for the first time.  Before you flip out, I didn’t show her at all, you just saw the back of her hair as she zipped off frame; the rest was done by showing Mark’s reaction.  I thought it was funny or at least cute.  My WIFE on the other hand, did not.  Neither did my kids.  They said that the dad was “creepy”.  I promised my wife I wouldn’t run it (hard not to use a FINISHED strip!) but I have been trying to retell that gag ever since.  This strip does that, I hope.  I don’t think you need to see the thong to know what it is.  Or at least that its something skimpy.  We’ll see, let me know what you think.  Dad’s never like to see their girls grow up.