My FIRST THURSDAY comic post ever!  Wahoo!  I did it!

Confession time.  My wife and I (not just my wife as this strip may make it seem) are what some would call overly protective parents.  As a child I was raised the exact opposite.  My dad and mom divorced when I was a baby so I was brought up by a single, working mom.  Not much money and not much supervision.  I lived in the poor area of Long Beach, Calif. (near Compton) and all my buddies where the same way.  No dads around, mom worked, we played and did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.  We lived on top of our roof and threw “dirt clogs” at each other.  We were animals.  We broke things (windows, especially) all the time and hurt each other constantly.  Its amazing we survived it.  SO, fast forward to today and I always tell my girls I KNOW first hand what could happen if you did THIS or did THAT.  Because I DID IT and it hurt.  I say, if you’re going to be overly protective at least have it come from experience!  I think my wife is overly protective because I made the mistake of telling her all my stories from growing up.  Poor kids, they’ll never know what it’s like getting their heads pushed through a television set, jumping off the roof of a building, throwing lit firecrackers at your sibling, or throwing something through the kitchen window.  Thank goodness….