THIS IS IT!  Today is the SECOND scariest day of the life of the OUTNUMBERED comic strip!  The first was launch day (beginning of Jan.) and NOW its the day I decided to go to TWO strips a week!!!  I know the cardinal rule of webcomics is “Don’t miss a day”.  If you say you’re going to have a schedule, you keep to it.  And I believe in that.  If any of you have been following this webcomic from the beginning, I’m proud to say I haven’t missed a Monday morning.  BUT, it was only ONE a week.  As soon as I jump to TWO, it seems like TWICE the work or somethindg.  Maybe even double!  The good news is that I already have 4 strips in the hopper (counting this one).  So, two weeks ahead, I guess.  I just have to keep that and I’ll be fine, right?  All you webcomic artists are laughing at me right now, huh?  I can hear you.  Anyway, DOUBLE your efforts in telling your friends about OUTNUMBERED, okay?  I’m working twice as hard, you should too!

OFFICIALLY: OUTNUMBERED will go up every Monday and Thursday mornings.  (There, its in writing!)

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